**Introducing AngelTot: Enhancing Playtime and Milestone Development for Newborns**

AngelTot, in collaboration with pediatric occupational therapist [Your Name], is dedicated to providing valuable resources for parents to optimize their newborns’ playtime and physical development. We understand that play is crucial for babies to explore their bodies and learn about the world around them. With our virtual, on-demand course, “Meeting Physical Milestones Through Play,” we aim to guide parents through purposeful play ideas throughout their baby’s first year.

**The Importance of Play for Newborns**

Playtime with newborns is often challenging due to their short wake windows and limited physical abilities. However, play is essential for babies of all ages as it helps them gain body awareness and build the strength necessary for future milestones such as crawling and walking. Through play, newborns gradually discover their bodies and develop a sense of their arms and legs.

**AngelTot’s Course: Meeting Physical Milestones Through Play**

To assist parents in nurturing their newborns’ development, AngelTot has partnered to create the virtual course “Meeting Physical Milestones Through Play.” This course offers a year’s worth of purposeful play ideas, carefully designed to support physical milestones. Let’s explore a few ideas for newborns from the course:

**1. Tummy Time**

Tummy time, where newborns are positioned on their bellies, forms the foundation for various physical milestones. It helps strengthen the neck, back, and core muscles, contributing to future achievements like rolling over and sitting. It is recommended to start tummy time as soon as you bring your baby home, aiming for approximately 20 minutes per day. Even short intervals of tummy time, such as a minute or two, can be beneficial, especially if your baby initially finds it challenging.

To make tummy time engaging, place your baby on a mat with high-contrast cards or a baby-safe mirror within their line of vision. If they need extra support, consider using a rolled-up blanket under their chest, allowing their forearms to touch the floor.

**2. House Tour**

Even at a young age, babies are curious about their surroundings. Take your baby on a tour of your house by holding them over your shoulder. Show them the artwork, photographs, mirrors, windows, light switches, sinks, and everything else that catches their attention. The sights and sounds will fascinate them, and carrying them upright will help them practice their head control. Additionally, any time spent off their backs reduces the risk of flat spots on their heads.

**3. Walk Outside in a Carrier**

Taking your newborn outside in an infant carrier provides fresh air and exposes them to natural light, helping them differentiate between day and night. Using an infant carrier that allows them to sit upright and support their head strengthens their neck muscles. Remember to face them inward if they are younger than four months old, as this position promotes strength-building.

**4. Talk to Your Baby**

Your baby finds your face captivating, making it their favorite toy. Engage with them by telling stories, singing songs, and making funny faces. Although they may not understand your words, hearing your voice is soothing. For a purposeful interaction, position your baby facing you while lying on their tummy on your chest. This arrangement encourages them to lift their head, promoting the development of neck, core, and back muscles.

**Unlocking Further Learning with AngelTot**

These ideas provide a glimpse into the wide range of playtime possibilities covered in the AngelTot course, “Meeting Physical Milestones Through Play.” With extensive inspiration for your baby’s first year, this course guarantees enjoyable playtime while aiding their milestone achievements. Priced at just $200, it offers exceptional value compared to many toys on the market. We assure you that this course will be an invaluable resource for your parenting journey.

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